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Project Description
For who cares to his/her eye health.

What is this?

Actually this application is a clone from this mac's app

Change log

Emanen Motomu v3.2
  • Add "Preview" button to setting form
  • Clicking on close button now will hide window instead of closing the app

Emanen Motomu v2.2
  • Notification always appear every hour even it set to appear every certain minutes [fixed]
  • Still passed 1 hour but sound played more than 1 time [fixed]

Emanen Motomu v2.0
  • Functionality of 'back to default' button fixed
  • Play sound when previewing notification
  • Hiding count number on user iddle time
  • prevent application launch when other same application already running
  • Reduced memory use
  • Changed right click menu on tray icon
  • Notification appearance improved (color, text, adapt position on the right bottom based on pc's screen size)

Emanen Motomu v1.0
First release...


Setting Window

When time reached it will dim the screen, or...

Show notification instead of dimming your pc's screen


Now, the language is still available only in Indonesian, other languge will be available soon on the next release..
just download and try this app, and let me know what in your mind :)

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